Hit songs

I heard the radio 903 yesterday.
A DJ said that those was hit songs in 2010.
I agree with him.
It is because I think that a lot of people heard the songs in 2010.


spin some insane nonsense

When I am talking, I always eat some words.
For example, I said [兩樓] on yesterday. Actually, I wanted to say ‘兩層樓’ .


The advertising is a gimmick for a Budapest Restaurant.


The dialogue [你有冇我賺到甘多先?].
It provoke the spectators.


In the video, the deer is running.
So you will see that what is it happening.
It means intrigue.
You will express something.

Knock the competitor

Pepsi vs coke
The winner is Pepsi.
It means Pepsi knock its competitor(coke).


You may think that the girl really open the lid with her chest.
But it wasn’t.
It used ‘wit’.


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